Stay at Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa provide entertainment for visitors who are not only alone, and I really do not know how long it takes to be all things to have played again.


At Universal Studios playing exciting rides and great live performances after a whole day to play down, the best thing is to stay at one of the hotels directly. In this case, you can leisurely visit here a series of shops and restaurants.

Six different hotels to choose from, there must be one that suits your needs.

Located along the roadside festival Festive Hotel is a fun and interesting hotel, ideal for a family stay together, especially families with children. It has a lot of special facilities designed for children, including every room has a sofa bed.

If you have a particular lifestyle, then the Hard Rock Hotel, it could be your choice. The unique design style brings out the full personality and dramatic atmosphere. This hotel will provide you with star-like treatment.

The Michael Hotel offers unprecedented luxury. This hotel is one of the nation’s largest construction company, Michael Graves Architects personally designed every subtle detail is architect Michael Graves brainchild, as if the hotel itself is an art gallery.

However, the most senior than the Leisure Fuk luxury hotels. Here only invitees can enjoy 24-hour butler service and full facilities. The elegant formal dress wear, enter this hotel included some 24-hour casino, or enjoy the finest dining experience here.

If you want to stay away from bustle, then take a look at Ho Plaza Hotel. Here you can enjoy the lush Sentosa, and side edges resting your kids have fun at the water park.

Finally, there are Sentosa Beach Villas. 30 villas surrounded by a tranquil lagoon, creating an ideal holiday location. In addition, there is also an award-winning Espwa wellness center offers a variety of treatments, so you can relax body and mind vibrant again.