Resorts World Sentosa Festive Walk with charming decor, attractive shops, world-class performances and signature dining options, you create a new world of entertainment is open 24 hours a day. This is to buy tickets to Universal Studios Singapore where Resorts World also buy souvenirs, experience visiting shops, and enjoy the rich cuisine upscale restaurant a good place.


Festive Walk One bright spot is that it has the world’s first and only world’s first boutique Michael • Graves (Michael Graves Gallery), Michael • Graves displays the works of masters and collectibles. Including original paintings and drawings, limited edition prints, art posters, books, stationery, personal jewelry, kitchen utensils, and even men and women fashion! And for the famous Italian manufacturer Alessi designed a series of furniture, also on display.

Another highlight is that Asia’s first Chihuly Gallery (Chihuly Gallery). Dale Chihuly is an American contemporary glass artists, his supple and vivid carvings as well as a pioneer in promoting the art of glass sculpture known around the world. Here’s a gallery collection of works belonging to a series of his unique collection, which “Sentosa End of Day Chandelier” and “Sentosa Persian Tower”. For the first time in Asia, shop, Dale Chihuly in this festival Avenue boutiques, exhibition of glass sculptures, paintings and limited edition original hand-drawn prints and so on ……

Here dazzling retail stores will let your body shopaholic gene regained consciousness. Luxury boutiques (Bulgari, Coach Dunhill) and store (Hershey, Garrett Popcorn, Candylicious candy store) are suitable for all the young and yearning for young travelers. Valiram Group luxurious house introduces a number of well-known retail brands, let Resorts World Sentosa luxury fashion (Luxury Fashion) mall products more abundant. This shopping boulevard is also connected to the world’s three famous victory hotels are Festive Hotel, Hotel Michael and Leisure Fuk luxury hotels. But whether you’re a tourist or a guest at the shopping boulevard of this diverse and comprehensive selection can meet your needs.

The 30,000 square feet of retail space and more than 45 retail stores will offer a range of international brands, fashion items and collectibles for all customers create the perfect shopping experience.
Set across 30,000 square feet of retail space, more than 45 retail stores will be provided from leading international brands in the creation and signature shopping experience life with all collectibles. In addition, the luxury fashion shopping center is also the first and only one rebate site for visitors to make shopping trips more comfortable. Some long-awaited brands, such as sexy “Victoria’s Secret” (Victoria’s Secret), the famous Italian jewelry brand Damiani, Italian luxury men’s brand CANALI as well as a one-stop beauty makeup skincare stores Vie Beaute Du have appeared at the festival Avenue.

Gift shop is also located in Resorts World Festive Walk. Here, you can find the gift of family and friends collectibles and memorabilia. Products include a range of jewelery and stationery, limited edition and limited edition teddy bears mahjong set (available for sale of gold, green, and red).

Hungry? Festive Walk has over 60 restaurants, cafes and bars, just like a gourmet paradise. The food here is like to enjoy a sumptuous feast, including traditional Cantonese cuisine, exotic Brazilian barbecue, Italian antipasti dishes. Moreover, the chef also includes a chef Joel Robuchon and Degangbangfu, leisurely cuisine will make your mouth water.

However, Festive Walk at night before going to truly ‘alive’. By the multiple Emmy award-winning Ji Lami • Railton designed the Crane Dance and Dream Lake, will land dotted with magnificent festival Avenue.

In the crane ballet, watching two mechanical crane weighs 500 tons how to describe their romantic love story. In the light, sound, water and fireworks in the background setting, two crane machinery from the cold turned into real life. The show is free and open to all visitors.

At the same time, in the dream of the lake, dragon, water cannons, and laser and other effects will be combined with each other, showing a thrilling show. This free festival performances for the whole day to paint Avenue perfect ending, dramatically greet the arrival of the night.