Resorts World Sentosa is Singapore’s first casino room, and only two of them a licensed casino. Luxury Resorts World casino with elegant interiors and attentive service to meet all the visiting guests, is a “thousands of entertainment in one” entertainment.


In the world’s newest casino, there are a lot of games for you to choose – from table games, slot machines to video games, from blackjack, poker, baccarat to roulette. That is not all. In the casino, there are fine restaurants and casual food court, as well as exciting performances to entertain the guests in the lounge. Casino itself will also provide a range of cuisine. From Asia to Western fusion cuisine, be sure to have your favorite flavors.

Also, take some time to enjoy some of Dale Chihuly (Dave Chihuly) amazing glass art. Dale Chihuly is an American contemporary glass artists, his supple and vivid carvings as well as a pioneer in promoting the art of glass sculpture known around the world. Here’s a gallery collection of works belonging to a series of his unique collection, which “Sentosa End of Day Chandelier” and “Sentosa Persian Tower”.

Singapore citizens and permanent residents are required by law to pay $ 100 casino entry fee, while foreign visitors are free to pay. However, foreign travelers must show identification such as a passport or work permit. 21 years of age are not allowed to enter the casino. In addition, all guests must wear decent.

Resorts World Casino Games list:

(A) 21
(B) Galle BAK poker
(C) Casinos “pearls”
(D) mini dice
(E) Lucky Money Wheel
(F) Pai
(G) British 21:00
(H) Texas Hold’em
(I) Roulette
(J) Sicbo
(K) three poker
(L) Excellencies
(M) Poker
(N) Baccarat
(O) Insurance Baccarat
(P) Super Six Baccarat
(Q) no commission baccarat
(R) no commission baccarat Insurance
(s) no commission baccarat Super Six